God intends to fill the whole earth with His glory. What a glorious thought!

More incredible than that, He has chosen to give each of us a role to play in bringing that to pass, as we work together offering the gifts He’s given us to give.

No clearer picture of this is found in scripture than in 2 Chronicles 5, where the whole nation of Israel gathered to dedicate the temple of Solomon. As the leaders, priests, Levites, and nation were of one heart and one voice in worshiping the Lord, His glorious presence filled the place to the point that the priests could no longer perform their ministry.

Heaven had come to earth, and humans could do nothing but bow!

In the Old Testament, the Levites were the tribe of Israel who were descended from Levi, the third son of Jacob, or Israel, and Leah.

Although the Levites represent a number of different theological ideas, for us they are the clearest example in scripture of those who serve in the area of worship in the House of God.

The name “Levi” means “attached” or “joined”. Leah thought her husband, who was deeply in love with her sister, Rachel, would become attached to her because she had borne him yet another son. This prefigures the work of Christ as our high priest, joining us to God, and also illustrates our priestly ministry, to see others joined to the Lord, always with the ultimate intent of bringing glory to God.

The Lord separated the descendants of Levi to Himself, as priests and servants in the tabernacle of Moses, and specifically prescribed the duties they would perform.

Key:    The Levites were perpetually identified as serving families within the family of God.