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Harold's Songs

Our desire is to see passionate worship rise to the Lord …

…from thousands of believers in thousands of places around the world, with such oneness of spirit that the glorious presence of God fills the church, His dwelling place in the earth, and overflows to cover the earth as water covers the sea. Our calling is to serve local church worship leaders and teams in every way possible, till that day appears.

(2 Chronicles 5:13-14, Romans 15:6)

Harold’s Songs

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By Your Grace, For Your Glory

In thinking about your 'gift', 'talent', 'grace', the thing you can do that you want to do, that people like it when you do it, do you ever have trouble sorting out your motives? OH C'MON!!!! Really, sometimes it's hard to know your own heart. TheBible -- and our own...

Worthy Is The Lamb

"Worthy is the Lamb." These are some of my favorite words in all of the Bible. The truth contained in that four word phrase from Revelation 5:12 is powerful, eternal, awe-inspiring, all-encompassing, and offers us a timeless definition of what worship is all about....

Your Gift & Your Life

I recently had the privilege of helping provide the music for the wedding of two young friends of mine, Jon and Bethany. They are a wonderful couple, both very gifted in music, both devoted to God and to serving His people, particularly in the area of...