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Our desire is to see passionate worship rise to the Lord …

…from thousands of believers in thousands of places around the world, with such oneness of spirit that the glorious presence of God fills the church, His dwelling place in the earth, and overflows to cover the earth as water covers the sea. Our calling is to serve local church worship leaders and teams in every way possible, till that day appears.

(2 Chronicles 5:13-14, Romans 15:6)

Original Songs

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Renewal On Repeat

To worship is an action that looks to the past, present, and future. We worship God for what He HAS DONE in our lives; we praise Him and thank Him for what He IS DOING in the present; we cry out with great hope and expectation for what He WILL DO in the future.  ...

Two Tents

There were two 'tabernacles', or tents, in David's time, where worship was carried out in very different but equally important ways -- the tent of David on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, and the tabernacle of Moses on Mount Gibeon. I Chron. 16:37"So he left Asaph and his...

The Levite Principle – Introduction

God intends to fill the whole earth with His glory. What a glorious thought! More incredible than that, He has chosen to give each of us a role to play in bringing that to pass, as we work together offering the gifts He’s given us to give. No clearer picture of this...